This laboratory in conjunction with Division of Neuromuscular Disease, Department of Neurology at UAB provides the following diagnostic services:

  • Muscle, nerve, or skin biopsy surgery for patients
  • Histological and histochemical preparation and interpretation of frozen, formalin-fixed and glutaradehyde-fixed sections of tissue
  • Consultation on prepared slides or blocks sent from outside laboratories

Comprehensive neurological consultation and electrodiagnostic testing are available in our associated UAB Hospital Electrodiagnostic Laboratory, as well as at the nearby Kirklin Clinic.

Muscle and nerve biopsies are frequently ordered as part of the diagnostic work-up for the following diseases:

  • ALS and other spinal muscular atrophies
  • Diseases of the peripheral nerves
  • Metabolic diseases of the muscle – muscular dystrophies
  • Myopathies, myositis, myotonias, vasculitis


The Shin J. Oh, Muscle and Nerve Histopathology Laboratory at UAB is a full service histopathological laboratory.
We provide service Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have questions, please contact us at 205-934-2127. An On-Call Laboratory Manager (#5249) and Neuromuscular Pathologist are available by pager at all times through UAB Paging.