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  • Muscle, nerve, or skin biopsy surgery for patients
  • Histological and histochemical preparation and interpretation of frozen, formalin-fixed and glutaradehyde-fixed sections of tissue
  • Consultation on prepared slides or blocks sent from outside laboratories

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Muscle Biopsy Procedure

Sural Nerve Biopsy Procedure

Superficial Radial Nerve Biopsy Procedure

Skin Punch Biopsy Procedure

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Final reports are generated in 7 – 14 days from receipt of specimen.


It is our policy to bill the referring laboratory for all biopsy consultations when the patient does not come to UAB. The only exception to this practice is when Medicare is the patient’s primary insurance; if so instructed, we will bill Medicare directly if all necessary information is sent along with the specimen. In all other cases (BCBS, Medicaid, etc.), it shall be the responsibility of the sending laboratory/hospital/physician’s office to pay us for the services provided, and then seek reimbursement from the patient or insurance company. Biopsy specimens are accepted for processing and interpretation with this understanding. Our office will be glad to provide CPT codes and other information to the sending facility upon request.