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We are committed to the providing of the highest quality diagnostic laboratory testing. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital Laboratories provides accurate, timely, cost competitive and client reference laboratory testing and clinical consultations.

Our neuromuscular pathologists offer one of the most comprehensive and respected diagnostic testing services in the nation. We offer consultations in all areas of neuromuscular pathology.

Accreditation and Proficiency Testing

The UAB Shin J. Oh, Muscle and Nerve Histopathology Laboratory at UAB is approved to provide both intra and interstate laboratory services under the Medicare program and CLIA-88. We participate in extensive internal proficiency testing as stipulated by the College of American Pathologists. We are accredited by the Commission on Inspection and Accreditation of Laboratories of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). We are licensed by the Alabama State Board of Health to operate as an independent laboratory for referral testing. Copies of the certificates and licenses are linked below or can be obtained by calling the Shin J. Oh, Muscle and Nerve Histopathology Laboratory at (205) 934-2127.

CLIA Certificate
CAP Certificate
State Independent Lab License

Medical Consultation and Problem Solving Services

The Shin J. Oh, Muscle and Nerve Histopathology Laboratory at UAB can assist you with any questions related to test requests, results or other associated matters. Our neuromuscular pathologists and technical personnel are available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Turnaround Time

Reports are available immediately upon completion through the electronic medical record for those clients with access to the UAB Hospital’s system and by fax to clients external to UAB, followed by mail. Allow 7 to 14 days for completion of reports.

Repeat Testing

If required, repeat determinations are performed at no charge. Please call us at (205) 934-2127 as soon as possible after the original result is received to request repeat testing. Follow-up and confirmatory testing are not considered to be repeat tests. These requests will be processed and billed accordingly.

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