May 17, 2022

Department of Medicine’s Keith Barron’s acts of service foster father-daughter bond

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Image from iOS 1Keith Barron with his daughtersThe Heersink School of Medicine community, which includes faculty, staff, students, and trainees, is committed to making an impact on the community through service. From creating a fitness and running small group to breaking barriers to accessing health care to expressing compassion for patients outside hospital walls, it is clear that our medical school is home to some truly remarkable individuals.

Meet Keith Barron, a financial specialist in the Heersink School of Medicine’s Department of Medicine who embodies the school’s values of volunteering and community outreach every day. For Barron, his acts of service brought him closer to his daughters.

Barron’s volunteer work began with his church when it was looking for a Sunday School teacher for young children. Since his daughter was already a student at the Sunday School, Barron already had a vested interest in helping the school. As a non-custodial parent, he saw this service opportunity not only as a way of giving back to his community, but also see his daughter and bond with her more. He began his service work then and has never stopped since. Even when his daughter moved to the next class, he continued to teach because the school needed him and he had found his way of giving back. 

Barron did not stop there. In addition to his church, he volunteers with the Shelby Humane Society and UAB Alumni Affairs. His work with the Shelby Humane Society was also brought to his attention through his daughter’s interest in wanting a dog.

“A dog was a big responsibility and before taking it on, I decided to give my daughter a trial period by having her volunteer at the Shelby Humane Society so she could engage with animals and help wherever needed,” Barron said.  

Barron started helping his daughter and joined hands with her in volunteering. It was a chance to not just volunteer, but also spend quality time with his daughter. He found so much joy in it and continues to serve the Shelby Humane Society.

Barron joined the UAB Alumni Affairs serving at the UAB Unite Day 2022 when he learned about the janitor shortage from Mrs. Mason, principal at the Glen Iris School. He realized how critical the need was and decided to step in. On the UAB Unite Day 2022, he served the students, faculty, and staff at Glen Iris School alongside other UAB members. Barron and his group helped clean the school’s gym, classrooms, and outside areas.

Barron’s Message:

Volunteering is vital to our community and makes a huge difference, according to Barron. “Volunteering allows us to go out and be the change we wish to see in our community,” he said.

He encourages people to be that one ripple that can create a tidal wave. “Volunteering no matter how big or small can help someone or an organization,” he says.

Barron says that you neither have to be a part of an organization nor be with a group to volunteer. You do not need special skills or talents. “All it takes is a heart and mind to serve, support, and sacrifice,” he says.

Barron encourages people to utilize the many ways to make a difference whether it is volunteering time, donating money, or facilitating resources.

Barron is an employee of the Heersink School of Medicine in the Department of Medicine and a UAB alumnus. He graduated in 2004 with a degree in accounting from the Collat School of Business. He has been a UAB employee since 2008. Barron started his position as Financial Officer II in the Department of Medicine in January 2022.

Like Keith Barron, there are many extraordinary staff, faculty, and trainees across the Heersink School of Medicine who go out of their way to help others. We want to tell your story. If you (or a colleague or peer) volunteer and serve, reach out to Mary Ashley Canevaro to be considered for a feature story in 2022.