UASOM Grading Policy
The grading system for the Ob/Gyn Clerkship is as follows:
  • 1/4 – computerized NBME examination 
  • 3/4 - determined by your clinical performance according to the resident & faculty evaluations and faculty administered oral examination. 
  • In order to receive overall Honors for the clerkship, you must score 50th percentile or higher and have Clinical Honors. 
  • In order to have Clinical Honors, you MUST have 50% honors grades on evaluations from Faculty & upper level residents (Not PGY 1) AND  a grade of 90 or higher on the Oral Exam.

The residents, fellows, and faculty will evaluate the students’ clinical performance using the E*Value system, based on the evaluation form approved by the School of Medicine (SOM).   Professionalism issues and work ethic such as conference attendance, punctuality, active participation in patient care, knowledge base, ability to work well in a team setting, etc, are all important in the final grade analysis.

The Ob/Gyn Student Education Committee will review each student’s performance on the written examination, oral examination, and clinical evaluations prior to the release of student grades. This committee will formulate decisions concerning borderline or failing performance.

 All evaluations and examinations used in the clerkship are described below, with links to any necessary forms.

  • Clinical Evaluation
    Evaluations by residents, fellows, and faculty are summarized and compiled by Dr. James Jackson in the UASOM 1-2 weeks after completion of the clerkship. These evaluations are entered into the UASOM database, which then converts them into numerical grades.
  • Oral Examination
    Oral Examination During the last week of the course, each student is expected to pass a 30-45 minute oral exam given by one of the faculty members. This exam is designed to assess the student's knowledge base and ability to articulate appropriate decisions in patient management. From a series of patient care scenarios, each student will be given one obstetric, one gynecologic and one wild card case to discuss. The wild card case will be oncology, endocrine or high risk obstetrics.
    Oral Examination Preparation
  • Written Examination
    A computerized written exam will be given the last Friday of the course. This test will be a National Board of Medical Examiners Subject exam. The passing score is determined yearly, based on the UASOM and NBME data base (mean score and standard deviation from the past 3 years). The 2014-2015 passing score for UASOM students for theNBME Subject Exam is 60. Failure to pass this NBME Subject exam will require re-take within 12 weeks of the original exam date, pending approval by the School of Medicine.
  • Mid-Clerkship Evaluation
    Students must have the mid-evaluation form completed by an intern/ resident/faculty member who has had adequate contact with the student during the 1st four weeks of the rotation.

    Students should solicit honest feedback and specifically ask about areas where they might work on. The mid-clerkship evaluation will not be a part of the students grade but aims to identify areas where they could improve during the 2nd half of the clerkship.

    The form must be returned to Christy Willis in the clerkship office (WIC, 5326) on the fourth Wednesday of the rotation.
    Evaluation Form
  • H&P Evaluation
    Each student is required to hand in two History & Physical evaluation forms, one OB H&P and one GYN H&P. One should be submitted in week 4 with the mid-clerkship evaluation. The other one should be submitted by the end of week 7. At least one of these will be an OBSERVED History & Physical. The key component of the observed history is expected to be the Ob/Gyn history. The key component of the exam is the pelvic exam.
    H&P Evaluation Form