Conference Overview

The 2nd and 4th Friday of every month will now be dedicated to M&M.  Conference will begin promptly at 12:30, and attendance will be limited to faculty and residents.  Three to four cases will be presented by PGY3 and 4’s.  The Board and Nights Chiefs will be exempt from presenting.  The M&M Subcommittee will determine residents that are responsible for presenting.  Cases will be presented by a resident that was not directly involved in the patient’s care.

Eligible cases will be identified utilizing a case reporting system.  The case reporting system requires selection of OB vs GYN, the trigger for case reporting, and a brief description of clinical history (as was previously reported during M&M submissions).  

Once assigned a case, residents are expected to create a PowerPoint presentation using the M&M template.  Presentations should last no longer than 10 minutes total with 5 minutes dedicated to a brief history and event timeline, followed by 5 minutes dedicated to event analysis, identified issues, and proposed action items. 

Presentations are intended to be as objective as possible.  Residents should focus on collecting information from the medical record.  Attending physicians whose cases are being presented will be notified by the M&M Subcommittee and advised to contact residents regarding salient points that should be presented.  Any further clarification regarding the clinical course can be sought out as necessary by the presenting resident (i.e. from residents, nurses, pharmacists, etc.). The Ishikawa/Fishbone diagram found in the PowerPoint presentation is not a required aspect of the presentation but should be used to help guide the presenter’s root cause analysis when applicable

Residents will be required to complete the M&M Case Review Form.  This is essentially a summary of the information in the PowerPoint presentation and will be used by the M&M Committee for follow up of proposed action items.   This form is due within 1 week of the case presentation.

A significant emphasis will be placed on the sensitive nature of the cases being presented.  For that reason, PowerPoint files with case information should be accessed on protected network computers and should only be sent electronically using your UABMC address.  Following presentation, Powerpoint files should be deleted.

Please note that the online reporting system will also be used to identify cases with educational value that will be presented during Friday Case Conferences.  Such cases should be reported using the “other” trigger with a comment indicating that the case is unique/educational. 

Conference Material

Case Reporting System

OB/GYN M&M Reporting System Website