The Division of Gynecologic Oncology provides in-depth training for residents rotating through the service from all four PGY levels. Five residents are assigned to the Gyn Oncology service. Educational activities are focused on screening and diagnosis, pre- and post-operative management, therapeutic modalities and long term follow up. The Gynecologic Oncology service at UAB serves as a major tertiary referral center for patients with gynecologic malignancies throughout the state of Alabama and adjoining states. Resident physicians participate in all clinical aspects of the Gynecologic Oncology service including ambulatory care, preoperative consultation, inpatient and surgical management, critical care and the outpatient clinics. The Division of Gynecologic Oncology consists of 6 sub-specialty board certified or board eligible Gynecologic Oncologists working in a state of the art clinical and academic facility. A fellowship in Gynecology Oncology is approved by the ABOG to accept 2 fellows per year. Currently there are 5 fellows in the program.

A PGY1 resident is assigned to the Gyn Oncology Clinics rotation and evaluates essentially every new patient presenting for medical care to the attending and fellow outpatient clinics. After initial evaluation, the resident presents each patient to the attending physician and the patient is then examined with the resident. The resident is responsible for the pre-operative workup and/or hospital admission of each patient. A total of 12 Gyn Oncology clinics are conducted weekly and a comprehensive Colposcopy Clinic is held each Friday morning. All PGY1 and 2 residents assigned to the Gynecologic Oncology service attend the Colposcopy Clinic on Fridays along with the medical students on service. There they perform colposcopic examinations, biopsies and LEEP procedures under the supervision of the Gynecologic Oncology fellows.

All operative procedures and hospital admissions on the Gynecologic Oncology service occur at University Hospital. Residents are responsible for all aspects of patient management. The PGY3 and PGY4 residents have primary responsibility for all patient management on the Gynecologic Oncology service at University Hospital. The remaining junior residents on services are assigned patient care activities and surgical experiences at the discretion of the upper level residents. Residents participate in essentially all surgical cases with the level of participation determined by seniority and level of expertise. The large number of patients, attending physicians and fellows provide a comprehensive experience for residents on the Gynecologic Oncology rotation including all aspects of complex pre- and post-operative care and surgical experience across the entire spectrum of procedures including complex intra-abdominal cases and advanced operative laparoscopy.

Residents attend and participate in a variety of weekly conferences. Each Monday morning from 6:45 to 7:30am, the entire Gynecologic Oncology service including all attendings, fellows, residents and students convene for the Resident Gynecologic Oncology Conference. Surgical procedures are not scheduled during this conference to ensure all may attend. The conference consists of 20-30 minutes of case study from the current in-patient service (proctored by an attending physician or fellow) with the remaining time reserved for presentation of Gynecologic Oncology topics for the residents and students. A monthly journal club, presented by one of the fellows, to the residents and students also occurs during this conference. The Gynecologic Oncology Inter-Disciplinary Tumor Board convenes each Monday at 5:00pm and is attended by gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, diagnostic radiologists, medical oncologists, and nurse specialists. The PGY1 resident from the Gynecologic Oncology Clinics rotation is responsible for presenting the patients to the Tumor Board. Socratic teaching rounds occur with an attending physician, fellow, residents, and students seven days per week on the in-patient oncology service at University Hospital. Social workers and pharmacists participate in teaching rounds when available.

All patients are seen with an attending physician or fellow in the outpatient clinic setting. New patients are presented to the attending and treatment plans are implemented with the resident. Clinical questions are posed to the resident by the attending. Attending physicians and/or senior Gynecologic Oncology fellows are present for all surgical procedures. Residents perform their portion of the oncology procedure according to their level of training and skill with the goal of graduated and increasing responsibility and surgical performance. The attendings and fellows supervise all in-patient management and see every patient daily with the resident team. Socratic teaching rounds occur daily at University Hospital. Each afternoon at 5pm (Monday - Thursday), a planning conference occurs in the Division for all attending physicians, fellows, and select service residents on the Gynecologic Oncology service with the exception of the PGY1 resident assigned to the clinics. All inpatients are discussed and the surgical schedule for the following day is planned.