The UAB Division of Women’s Reproductive Healthcare was established in July of 2007. The Division was created in order to consolidate the general obstetric and gynecologic services of the department under one single division. The Division has several key missions.  

  1. Serve as the primary site of obstetric and gynecologic care for the entire UAB community andWRH the surrounding region.

  2. Serve as the primary source of ambulatory gynecologic education for the residents and medical students.
  3. Serve as a source of gynecologic surgical education for the residency.
  4. Serve as a a referral center for patients desiring a minimally invasive approach to the correction of their gynecologic issues.

In an effort to serve these varied roles, members of the division are positioned throughout the UAB campus and at several local facilities. Our primary sites of patient care are at The Kirklin Clinic and Women and Infant Center at UAB; however, members of the division are actively involved with patient care/resident education at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Resident Continuity Clinics, The Children's Hospital, and in the Maternity Evaluation Unit. By being involved in the care of women at multiple sites, we are able to enhance the number of surgical procedures available for our resident staff.

Residents interact with the faculty of the division at each of these sites in order to give each resident a broad exposure to ambulatory and surgical gynecology.

  • The Women and Infants Center – Site of faculty practices in obstetrics and gynecology
  • Resident Clinic – Site of resident continuity clinics in ambulatory gynecology and obstetrics
    • PGY 2-4
  • Maternity Evaluation Unit – Site of ambulatory/triage obstetrics
    • PGY 1
  • The Children's Hospital - Site of pediatric and adolescent gynecology
    • PGY 3
  • OR – Residents of all levels operate with members of the division on all of the attending physician’s personal cases and on those cases that each resident obtains from their personal continuity clinics.

Our goal is to provide the resident physician with a broad knowledge of ambulatory and surgical gynecology through the combination of clinical experience, didactic sessions, relevant reading lists, dry and wet lab sessions, and clinical interaction. Each of our attending physicians strives to practice and teach evidence-based approaches to gynecologic conditions. It is also our desire to help each resident develop a framework to evaluate new diagnoses, procedures, and techniques in an organized, analytical method.