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  • Vision conference brings together research groups from across the Southeast

    vandy conference webThe Vanderbilt Eye Institute (VEI) recently hosted the Southeastern Vision Conference to celebrate and share excellence in vision science. The two-day seminar held at the Vanderbilt University Marriott brought together three vision research groups from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Emory University to foster collaborations among the groups.


  • Giving Spotlight: Lanning B. Kline, M.D.

    lanning new webBefore his days spent at medical school at Duke University, Lanning Kline, M.D., spent his youth in Alberta, Canada, excelled at his studies, and enjoyed playing sports such as ice hockey. His father was the proprietor of a successful jewelry store who would enlist his son’s help during busy holidays.

  • Ophthalmology Welcomes Incoming Residents, and Parts Ways with Graduating Residents

    residency graduationGraduating Residents

    The UAB Department of Ophthalmology held its graduation ceremony on June 24, 2017 at the UAB Alumni House. Each of the 5 graduating residents, and 4 graduating fellows, were joined by family and friends.

  • UAB Ophthalmology celebrates a successful 2017 Annual Clinical and Research Symposium

    symposium web1The UAB Department of Ophthalmology held an extremely successful 2017 Annual Clinical and Research Symposium at the Westin in Birmingham during May 19-20, with nearly 100 attendees. This was the 18th year of the symposium and included resident, faculty, and featured lectures on dry eye and ocular surface disorders, as well as uveitis and retina.

  • Findings suggest underdiagnoses of age-related macular degeneration

    neely webApproximately 25 percent of eyes deemed to be normal based on dilated eye examination by a primary eye care ophthalmologist or optometrist had macular characteristics that indicated age-related macular degeneration, according to a study published by JAMA Ophthalmology.


  • First annual CEH vs. CEHC softball game was a success

    callahan softball webThe first annual Callahan Eye Hospital vs. Callahan Eye Hospital Clinics softball game was a huge success!

    On Saturday, April 22, 2017, Callahan Eye Hospital held its First Annual Family Fun Day at Memorial Park Recreation Center in downtown Birmingham with plenty of food, music, and a softball game.

  • Medical professionals, state agencies and community partners look to develop new guidelines for concussed students

    concussed web storyConcussions are an invisible injury that can cause physical, cognitive, emotional and sleep symptoms that last for varying lengths of time depending on the nature of the injury. Changes in behavior, mood, learning and thinking that may be a result of a head injury can be misunderstood — making transitions into the classroom postconcussion difficult for students and teachers.


  • UAB Callahan Eye Hospital celebrates grand opening of new operating rooms

    callahan OR webThe University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Callahan Eye Hospital and the Department of Ophthalmology have expanded their operating room capacity from nine to 16 operating rooms, making it one of the largest eye facilities in the United States.


  • Cloudy Vision, Clear Future

    anderson gloverPediatricians told Melissa and Brandon Glover their son Anderson had developed congenital cataracts and there was not much they could do.


  • UAB Department of Ophthalmology ranks 17th in NIH funding

    ribbon web finalLong recognized as a leader in groundbreaking research and innovative eye care, the UAB Department of Ophthalmology hit a major milestone in 2016, ranking in the top twenty of nationally ranked ophthalmology departments in the amount of funding it receives from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With over $4.9 million in NIH annual funding for fiscal year 2016, the Department now ranks 17th, up from their 2013 ranking of 36th.

  • BlazerVision improves how UAB student-athletes play the game

    blazervisionStudent-athletes at the University of Alabama at Birmingham will see their sport in a new perspective through BlazerVision, a new partnership between UAB Athletics, School of Optometry and Department of Ophthalmology. As part of UAB Athletics’ pre-participation examinations, each student-athlete will receive comprehensive eye care, acute game-time care and state-of-the-art concussion baseline testing.


  • Preserving vision for astronauts

    nasa eyesight streamMany astronauts who come back from space experience poorer vision after flight, some even years after, and researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are working to see why.


  • Owsley selected to serve on the Research to Prevent Blindness Scientific Advisory Panel

    cynthia owsley 2017Cynthia Owsley, Ph.D., the Nathan E. Miles Chair of Ophthalmology and Vice Chair of Research Administration in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Ophthalmology, has been selected to serve on the Scientific Advisory Panel of Research to Prevent Blindness.


  • Researchers develop best-yet cell culture system for age-related macular degeneration

    2e2843e2ade511d88df42c8a44a73c77 LAn international team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and University College London and Queens University Belfast in the United Kingdom developed a cell culture model that could help to develop earlier treatment strategies for age-related macular degeneration, the third most prevalent cause of vision loss worldwide.

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  • $2 million grant awarded to UAB to continue eye care research

    gamlin imageThe University of Alabama at Birmingham has been awarded a $2.94 million National Eye Institute Center Core Grant to support and enhance the 15 eligible R01 grants in the UAB School of Optometry and Department of Ophthalmology.


  • Medical Innovations

    uab medcast webDr. Downs was featured in a UAB Podcast, Medical Innovations. Details about advances in robotics and other technologies, the latest clinical trials and research studies, and the development of innovative new procedures and treatment approaches. This series showcases UAB faculty-led, patient-centric, medical technology breakthroughs in numerous specialties through specific cases, real-world applications, and patient stories, emphasizing the potential impact of these new technologies on patient outcomes.


  • UAB to open new Callahan Eye Hospital Clinic on Cahaba River Road in Altadena

    callahn cahabaUAB Callahan Eye Hospital recently announced that it will open a new full-service clinic Nov. 1 in the Altadena community, just off Cahaba River Road behind the Colonnade. The convenient new location delivers the same vision care that Callahan Eye Hospital has provided on the UAB campus for the past 50 years, including comprehensive adult and pediatric ophthalmology and optometry services. 


  • Downs receives BrightFocus Foundation glaucoma research grant

    downs webThe BrightFocus Foundation has awarded a glaucoma research grant of more than $149,000 to J. Crawford Downs, Ph.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, for his work on a new wireless system to measure and control fluid pressure around the optic nerve.


  • New options for residency in Ophthalmology open for young researchers

    ophthalmologyThe UAB Department of Ophthalmology is enhancing its residency program with a new track, giving incoming residents the option to participate in an in-depth clinical or basic research project of their choice. 


  • UAB identifies functional biomarker for age-related macular degeneration

    biomarkers AMD Adults whose eyes are slow to adjust to the dark have a greater risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, according to new findings from the University of Alabama at Birmingham published online in Ophthalmology.