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Dr. Sara GouldDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery Associate Professor Sara Gould, M.D., MPH, and Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Assistant Professor Chase Cawyer, M.D., sat down with the Birmingham Mom Collective, an online publishing platform, to talk all things exercise in pregnancy.

As a sports medicine specialist, Gould has long researched and supported clinical efforts to further the field of exercise in pregnancy. In 2021, Gould and Cawyer established the UAB Exercise in Pregnancy Clinic at UAB-Hospital Highlands.

Specifically, Gould’s research and clinical observation focuses on placental blood flow to the fetus during exercise. In November 2021, she presented to the International Olympic Committee on the use of 3D doppler to measure placental blood flow.

Gould’s advice to the Birmingham Mom’s Collective focuses on the benefits of exercise while expecting, and encourages moms to partner with their provider or the UAB Exercise in Pregnancy Clinic to develop a healthy fitness routine.

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