Siegel Herrick webcrop.jpg 200x150According to Periop Case reports from UAB Hospital Highlands, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, and North Pavilion, Professor Herrick Siegel, M.D., completed the most cases of any surgeon at UAB for fiscal year 2021 (FY21), performing more than 1,100 cases.

In fact, for FY21, Siegel and four other Department of Orthopaedic Surgery faculty account for over eight percent of surgical cases at UAB.

Those colleagues include Section Chief of Trauma and Associate Professor Jonathan Quade, M.D., Vice chair of Clinical Affairs and Associate Professor Clay Spitler, M.D., Assistant Professor Joseph Johnson, M.D., and Director of International Education and Associate Professor Ashish Shah, M.D. These five faculty made up half of the list of top 10 surgeons by operative case volume at UAB.

Siegel’s experience is revered across the globe. He teaches the direct anterior hip approach nationally and internationally and has one of the busiest revision joint arthroplasty practices in the United States.  

Clinically, Siegel is involved with implant and instrument development and clinical and research interests center on the treatment of musculoskeletal oncologic, metabolic, and arthritic disorders. “Since I joined the faculty in 2002, UAB has been tremendously supportive of my practice and I have been fortunate to work with an incredible team in surgery and in my clinic.” Dr. Siegel said. 

“I want to wish Dr. Siegel and each of these faculty members who rank in the top 10 for operative volume at UAB a large congratulations for their hard work and drive to improve quality of life for so many patients,” said John D. Sherrill Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery Steven Theiss, M.D. “I look forward to seeing how these providers continue to touch many patients’ lives in the future.”