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The Pediatric Division of Infectious Diseases provides outpatient and inpatient care for infants, children, and adolescents with illness of known or suspected infectious etiology. Clinical care activities may include both infectious diseases that are difficult to diagnose and those requiring hospitalization such as bloodstream infections, meningitis, serious pneumonias, and viral diseases.

The Division serves as a center for training and education for hospital clinical staff, providing leadership for antibiotic administration and managing the Hospital Infection Control program. It also operates the Diagnostic Virology Laboratory that provides service both locally and nationally. The Division leads the Department of Pediatrics in funding of both clinical and basic research activities. Its 18 faculty members are conducting numerous NIH and industry sponsored studies in all areas of infectious disease. Major research interests include the following:

  • Pediatric HIV infection - pathogenesis, drug resistance, breast milk transmission, nutritional micronutrient and antioxidant assessment and the epidemiology of adolescent infections

  • Cytomegalovirus - pathogenesis and transmission mechanisms of congenital CMV, predictors of adverse outcomes, mechanisms of hearing loss, and therapy and vaccine development

  • Herpes Simplex Virus - pathogenic mechanisms, therapy and vaccine development, and use in gene therapy

  • Antiviral research - animal models for viral diseases, clinical trial methodology, host resistance to viral-induced diseases, viral assembly, and molecular epidemiology

  • General infectious diseases - perinatal infections, streptococcus pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus, and Varicella-Zoster virus

In addition to its University focused activities, the Division also houses the Central Office for the Collaborative Anti-viral Study Group (CASG), a multi-institutional research group which focuses on clinical trials of anti-viral drugs in both pediatric and adult populations. 

Patient Care

Policy for Management of Unvaccinated Pediatric Patients Being Referred for Care by UAB Department of Pediatrics Faculty

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Pediatric Infectious Disease Research

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Faculty & Staff

Division Co-Director

Richard Whitley, M.D.

Division Co-Director

David Kimberlin, M.D.


Sheridan Dunn
Administrative Associate

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Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease
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