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Beginning in 1965, the UASOM Department of Psychiatry initiated a predoctoral clinical psychology internship. Prior to 1980, the Internship Training Consortium was the sole program dedicated to the education of doctoral level clinical psychologists operating within the Medical Center. However, recognizing the growing presence and value of clinical psychology in the health care setting, Heersink School of Medicine and UAB Graduate School jointly sponsored and established the Clinical/Medical Psychology Doctoral Program.

Because psychologists throughout the University and the VA were intimately involved in both training programs, Heersink School of Medicine, the Graduate School, and VA Medical Center formed the Psychology Training Consortium which has responsibility for the operational management of both the Internship program and the Clinical Doctoral program. Coordinating all clinical, research, and medical psychology training in the Medical Center, the Psychology Training Consortium is housed administratively in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology.

Psychologists representing all entities formed the Psychology Training Committee which is the governing body. With the establishment of the Psychology Training Consortium and the Psychology Training Committee, the Internship Training Consortium became a program under the auspices of the larger Psychology Training Consortium.