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UAB's new T24 cyclotron is an extraordinary machine, the most powerful of any in an academic medical center in the United States. UAB's cyclotron has been strategically positioned on campus, with its 30-ton weight factor, furthering its reputation of being the most powerful cyclotron at any academic medical center in the United States. As distance is key in PET imaging, there are two new state-of-the-art PET-CT scanners located across the hall from the cyclotron, as well as an area in preparation for the new cuttingedge PET/MRI machine.

The proximity of the cyclotron to the PET-CTs is significant when considering PET imaging tracers' (radioisotopes) half-life. While other medical centers may find it nearly impossible to use radioactive tracers with a half-life of 20 minutes (Carbon 11), 10 minutes (Ammonia 13), and particularly 2 minutes (Oxygen 15), the strategically planned location of our cyclotron enables our researchers and radiologists to turn the impossible to reality.