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  • UAB is already a national leader in clinical trials. Here is how it plans to extend the benefits to even more Alabamians.
    Participating in a clinical trial can be lifesaving, and now, more patients than ever have access to life-changing therapies at UAB.
  • Gene therapy: What to know about the new FDA-approved treatment for sickle cell disease
    Sickle cell disease is the most common and clinically significant inherited blood disorder across the nation, and now there is an FDA-approved gene therapy to help those living with SCD.
  • UAB asks for public to consider regular blood donation
    UAB is joining the Red Cross in encouraging the public to donate blood now.
  • Kanter receives $7.7 million grant from the NIH to advance sickle cell disease research
    The NIH grant will advance efforts to reduce the gap between research and care of sickle cell disease.
  • New gene therapy could provide cure for sickle cell disease, according to UAB study
    Although unproven, this novel sickle cell therapy serves as a potential cure. More measures need to be taken to determine long-term function and organ improvement.
  • Making the case to improve outcomes for sickle cell disease
    UAB’s Julie Kanter, M.D., says statewide surveillance programs for sickle cell disease can help facilitate progress to improve outcomes.
  • There is an urgent need for blood donation as blood supplies are dangerously low. Please encourage donation.
    Blood supplies have dropped to critically low levels at UAB.
  • ZAMBAMA grant leverages “reverse innovation” to reduce unhealthy alcohol use and improve HIV outcomes
    The collaboration puts UAB experts on the ground in Zambia to strengthen research and public health capacity and address major global health challenges.
  • Blood supplies are dangerously low. Please encourage donation.
    Blood supplies have dropped to critically low levels nationwide.
  • Blood supplies are low. Please encourage donation.
    Blood shortages are common in the summer months, and COVID-19 has played havoc with usual donation patterns.
  • Next UAB community vaccination location opens in Center Point on March 19
    UAB vaccine demographic numbers holding steady as Center Point vaccination site preps for Friday, March 19, opening.
  • Eight UAB researchers included on list of “1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists”
    The list was made by a group that aspires to bolster and increase diversity across all scientific fields, promote retention through the “leaky academic pipeline,” and broaden academic and industrial awareness of diversity and inclusion.