All Rotations

Day Conference Location Time
Every Tuesday Morbidity and Mortality Conference Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium 6:30am
Every Tuesday Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium 7:00am
Every Wednesday General Surgery Education Conference BDB 202 6:15am
Every Friday Chair's Conference BDB 202 7:00am
Surgical Intern's Conference 

This is a weekly meeting of PGY-1 residents which take place for the first 6 weeks of the year. These meetings help to introduce residents to hospital routines and basic clinical problems.

Education Conference

As part of the education conference, our General Surgery Residency uses the SCORE curriculum, which is a combination of basic science and discussion of clinical problems. Incorporated into our conference schedule is ABSITE review in preparation for the yearly exam delivered every Jan/Feb. This conference is held each Tuesday morning at 6:15 am. Presentations are made by the Education committee with Faculty discussants.

Division Conferences 
Frequency Day Conference Time
Weekly Tuesday Surgical Oncology Indications Conference 4:00pm
Weekly Tuesday Staging Conference 5:00pm
Weekly Wednesday Pancreatic Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 6:30am
Weekly Thursday Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 7:15am
Weekly Thursday GI Tumor Board 4:00pm
Frequency Day Conference Time
Every other Monday Complex Esophageal Disease Conference 4:00pm
Weekly Tuesday MIS Conference 4:00pm
Weekly Wednesday Colorectal Conference 4:00pm
Frequency Day Conference Time
Weekly Monday Vascular Planning/Education Conference 7:00am
Monthly (Every Other) Wednesday Journal Club 5:00pm
Weekly Thursday Alternates between Vascular Lab, Interesting Cases, EVAR planning, or M&M 7:00am
1st and 3rd Friday VERT (Vascular & Endovascular Research & Training) Conference 7:00am
Day Conference Time
Monday Journal Club 12:00pm
Tuesday Trauma Education Conference 2:00pm
Thursday QI Conference 7:00am
   Trauma Rounds 7:00am
Day Conference Time
1st Tuesday Research Conference 7:00am
1st Wednesday Resident/Student Teaching Conference 6:30am
1st Wednesday Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds 7:00am
1st Wednesday Case Conference  8:00am
2nd Tuesday MM 7:00am
2nd Tuesday Tumor Board 12:00pm
3rd Tuesday Teaching - Chief Rounds 7:00am
3rd Wednesday Resident Student Teaching Conference  6:30am
3rd Wednesday Trauma (varies)  
3rd Wednesday Journal Club  
3rd Wednesday Tumor Board 12:00pm
3rd Thursday Trauma Simulation 7:15am
4th Tuesday MM  
4th Wednesday Resident/Student Teaching Conference  6:30am
4th Wednesday Case Conference 7:00am
4th Wednesday SPR 8:00am
5th Wednesday Tumor Board 12:00pm
5th Wednesday Resident/Student Teaching Conference 6:30am
5th Wednesday Case Conference 7:00am
5th Wednesday SPR 8:00am
5th Wednesday Tumor Board 12:00pm