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  • Andrabi, Shaida, Ph.D.

    Dr. Shaida AndrabiProfessor, Pharmacology and Toxicology & Neurology

    Areas of Interest 
    stroke, mitochondrial function, neural bioenergetics, autophagy, cell death signaling in nervous system and neurodegeneration

  • Bolding, Mark, Ph.D.

    Dr. Mark BoldingAssociate Professor, Radiology

    Areas of Interest 
    vision, visual behavior, visual cognition, psychiatry, schizophrenia, imaging and MRI and neuroimaging

  • Carter, Angela, Ph.D.

    Dr. Angela CarterAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest 
    host microbe interactions, mechanisms of microbial regulation of substance use disorders, bioengineering microbial-based therapeutics, hormonal and metabolic syndromes and disease

  • Galli, Aurelio, Ph.D., D.Sc.

    Dr. Aurelio Galli

    Director for Gastrointestinal Biology Research

    Director, CINEMA

    Areas of Interest
    brain development and plasticity, neurotransmitters, substance abuse, obesity and bariatric surgery

  • Day, Jeremy J., Ph.D.

    Dr. Jeremy DayAssociate Professor, Neurobiology

    Areas of Interest
    addiction, learning and memory, epigenetics, non-coding RNAs

  • DeBerry, Jennifer J., Ph.D.

    Dr. Jennifer DeBerryAssociate Professor, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

    Areas of Interest
    pain, urogenital system/pelvic viscera, optogenetics, sensory neurobiology

  • Gamble, Karen, Ph.D.

    Dr. Karen GambleAssociate Professor, Psychiatry and Neurobiology 


    Areas of Interest
    chronobiology, sleep, circadian rhythms, neuroscience, electrophysiology

  • Grams, Jayleen, M., M.D.

    Dr. Jayleen GramsAssociate Professor
    Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery at Birmingham VA
    Assistant Program Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
    Assistant Chief of Surgical Services at Birmingham VA
    Director, CINEMA

    Areas of Interest
    foregut and bariatric surgery, achalasia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal or paraesophageal hernias, morbid obesity and metabolic syndrome, role of microbiome in obesity, outcomes research

  • Habegger, Kirk, Ph.D.

    Dr. Kirk HabeggerAssociate Professor, UAB Department of Medicine

     Areas of Interest 
    energy metabolism research, endocrinology, biochemistry and integrative physiology

  • Hardaway, Andrew J., Ph.D.

    ahardawaAssistant Professor, Psychiatry
    Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
    Associate Scientist, Nutrition Obesity Res Center (NORC)  

     Areas of Interest
    systems neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, obesity, eating disorders

  • Matthies, Heinrich, Ph.D.

    Dr. Heinrich Matthies

    Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest
    brain development and plasticity, neurotransmitters, substance abuse

  • Richter, Jillian R., Ph.D.

    Jillian Richter, MDAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest 
    trauma, hemorrhage, resuscitation, endothelial glycocalyx, lung injury, bioengineered in vitro models, mechanotransduction signaling

  • Rothenberg, Steven, M.D.

    Dr. Steven RothenbergAssistant Professor, Radiology

    Areas of Interest 
    non-pharmacologic treatments for chronic pain, imaging informatics, and opportunistic population health screening