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UAB Xenotransplantation Team

The UAB Xenotransplantation Program launched in 2016 with a $19.5 million, five-year grant from United Therapeutics Corp., and we hope to conduct the first clinical trial focused on cross-species – pig-to-human – transplants of genetically modified kidneys within the next few years.

In addition to the clinical progress being made, the UAB Xenotransplantation Program is studying psychosocial attitudes, beliefs, reactions and thoughts of various medical professionals and kidney and heart transplant patients regarding the possibility of pig-to-human organ transplantation. This work will include a a series of focus groups with local religious, business, political, and community leaders to further investigate attitudes toward xenotransplantation ahead of expected future clinical trials.

With the establishment of the Xenotransplantation Institute, a joint venture between UAB and United Therapeutics Corp., the modification of organs to enable widespread access to transplants will offer new hope for eliminating waiting lists.