2022-2023 Academic Year Schedule

Date Lecture Presenter
8/23/2022 M&M  
  Multi-D and Imaging  
8/30/2022 Urology in Pregnancy  Dr. Alex Nocera
  ED Surgical Management  Dr. Adam S. Baumgarten
9/6/2022 mBCA  Dr. Vijay Vishwanath 
  Perioperative Diabetes Management  Dr. Henry Zelada
9/13/2022 Peds Conference M&M  
  Visiting Student Presentation  Wade
9/20/2022 BPH Medical  Dr. Adam Klein
  Metabolic Stone Disease  Dr. Dean Assimos 
9/27/2022 M&M  
  Multi-D and Imaging  
10/4/2022 BPH Surgical  Dr. James Bryant
  Renal Phys. w/ Focus on Obstruction  Dr. Eric Judd
10/11/2022 Peds Conference (ISE General Peds Review)  
  Visiting Student Presentations   Arnzen, David & Elliot
10/18/2022 MBC  
  Semi-Annual Research Presentation Meeting  Dr. Soroush Rais-Bahrami
10/25/2022 M&M  
  Multi-D and Imaging  
11/1/2022 In-Service Review (Topic TBD)  
  Pelvic Floor Therapy  Nikki Woods, PT, MSPT, PRPC  BSN Therapy South
11/8/2022 Peds Conference (ISE Review DSD)  
  In-Service Review (Topic TBD)  
11/15/2022 In-Service Review (Topic TBD)  
  In-Service Review (Topic TBD  
11/22/2022 Visiting Professor Hadley Wood, MD VP  
11/29/2022 M&M  
  MDC and Imaging  
12/6/2022 NMIBC Natural History, Risk Factors, Surgery  Dr. John Burns
  Therapy for NMIBC  Dr. James Ferguson
12/13/2022 Peds Conference (Journal Club)  
  Adult M&M  
12/20/2022- Holiday Break  
12/27/2022 Holiday Break