Adam Baumgarten, M.D., is the Director of Medical Student Education for the UAB Department of Urology and states, “We are always willing to host enthusiastic medical students in the Department of Urology. Students are encouraged to contact us for research opportunities or clinical electives where they can spend from 1-4 weeks working alongside our faculty and residents."

Third-year UAB medical students are invited to do a one-month elective on our service or schedule their Scholarly Activity with one of our faculty members. Third-year UAB students who are at satellite campuses are encouraged to do a Special Topics week with us to gain more exposure to this exciting field.

Fourth-year students (both visiting and UAB) are invited to do an acting internship (AI). This four-week elective rotation is designed for senior medical students and visiting students interested in pursuing a career in urology. Structured as a sub-internship, it will provide intensive experience and exposure to urology. The student will participate in the evaluation and treatment of patients with urologic disorders and the management of these patients. Students will rotate three weeks on the adult services (UAB Main Hospital, UAB Highlands Hospital, and the Kirklin Clinic) and one week on the pediatric service (Children's Hospital of Alabama). Students will work with faculty and residents in evaluating patients in the outpatient clinic, making rounds in the hospital, and observing surgical procedures in the operating room. For interested students, there will also be opportunities for participation in clinical research projects. During the rotation, students will be required to deliver a Powerpoint presentation on the topic of their choice to urology faculty and residents. The faculty with input from the urology residents evaluates the student’s performance.

The UAB Department of Urology is pleased to offer a stipend that supports visiting urology acting internships for fourth-year medical students who are from backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine (URiM). Students will be granted a stipend to support their travel and accommodation expenses for their acting internships.

For students interested in applying, please click below. The URiM application deadline is May 1.

URiM Supplemental Application

UAB is now participating in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO). The application process will be available on April 3, and applications will be processed on April 17. Students who are interested in pursuing urology as a career choice and are likely to enter the urology Match should choose Urology Career (course 80-428) in our course catalog. Fourth-year students who are interested in spending a month on urology but are not likely to enter the Urology Match should choose Urologic Surgery Elective (course 80-416). The VSLO application lists our specific rotation dates, which we are unable to modify.

Application Requirements 

Application Requirements Responsiblity Notes
AAMC Standardized Immunization Form Applicant  
CV/Resume Applicant  
Letter of Recommendation A practicing urologist  
Mask Fit Test Applicant Required after offer acceptance
Photograph Applicant  
Transcript  Home School  
COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation  Applicant Required after offer acceptance
USMLE Step 1 Score Report (if MD school) or COMPLEX Score Report (if DO school)  Applicant  
Clear background check prior to matriculation  Home School  


For more information on doing an AI, please contact Liranda Howard:
Phone: 205-975-4048