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Give As One is 48 hours of collaborative fundraising to support UAB’s students, faculty and community. Give As One amplifies the power of any size gift through matches and challenges from generous donors.
Members of the Birmingham community can receive access to biometric and cancer screenings during the first Regional Wellness Day. 
Looking to lose weight or get more nutrients in a convenient way? UAB’s Lizzy Davis, Ph.D., breaks down one of social media’s latest trends — powders.
Chadra Pittman was invited to serve two years as a student representative on the General Anthropology Division Board.
In this free multimedia presentation, the UAB Chamber Trio will perform 11 new works of music, with original films created by students in honor of noteworthy people from Alabama.
A bone marrow donor registration and a panel discussion will be available to all attendees before the screening of the documentary. 
Mortgage lending discrimination in the 1930s is still geographically associated with inequities in colon cancer care today. Colon cancer often can be treated successfully if detected early.
See Buckets N Boards, one of the top requested headline acts on Disney Cruises, before the duo head back for their 14th award-winning season in Branson, Missouri.
The choir plus student and faculty soloists will perform the European premiere of a new 40-minute multimovement masterwork for choir and orchestra in Italy.
UAB researchers say the presented data indicates that a younger age and higher HbA1c at baseline predict early treatment failure and point to the need for more aggressive initial treatment in these patients.
Chemotherapy is a common treatment for TNBC, but studies show that only 40 percent of tumors respond to the treatment. A team of researchers have developed a model using machine learning to predict patient responses.
The BFA exhibition represents crossing the threshold into the professional environment for students who are often showing their work for the first time in the setting of a gallery or museum.
This research analyzes the oral health of geriatric and pediatric patients in Southeast Alaska.
Through a generous gift from Novo Nordisk Inc., Live HealthSmart Alabama is beginning to expand statewide, starting in central Alabama with Selma, Demopolis and Camden, while taking steps to make good health simple — one person, one family and one community at a time.
Participants between the ages of 18 and 60 who received peer coaching showed significant reduction in systolic blood pressure.
They have historic ties, but the co-production of “Sister Act” marks the beginning of a new era. UAB students, faculty and alumni make up two-thirds of the team uniting to present this show.
Isaac completed two clinical trials in four years for multiple myeloma and says they gave him his life back.
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