A new study determines the cardiovascular safety of specific medications used to treat patients with gout.
Research findings that suggest free heme leads to bacterial pneumonia may reveal new approaches to improve safety of stored red blood cell transfusions.
This microRNA is a biomarker for bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a disease that can lead to death or long-term disease in extremely low birth-weight infants.
UAB research shows that splenic leukocytes resolve inflammation in heart failure.
Research provided by UAB confirms MRI usage can help reduce unnecessary biopsies in prostate cancer patients.
Research shows protection against the linked heart damage and kidney dysfunction known as cardiorenal syndrome.
Follow the UAB in Antarctica blog to learn more about research and what it is like to travel to Earth's southernmost continent.
A study to better understand racial and regional differences in deaths from strokes will be funded through 2023 by a $20.4 million grant.
UAB researchers have determined that recipients are likely to experience cognitive impairment in years following treatment.
Driving assessments and experience in diverse driving situations could lead to fewer crashes among young drivers.
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