Frances Lund highlighted the need to do drug trials where the concentrations of inflammatory diseases are highest — the Southeast.
Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with end-stage heart failure seeking OHT and LVAD implantation will be drastically affected if the proposed cuts are implemented, according to UAB research.
Hair’s graying is linked to innate immune response, activation of which can decrease pigmentation in hair.
The drug denosumab was superior to a commonly used drug in a 12-month study enrolling 795 patients.
CNine Biosolutions is moving toward clinical testing of its UAB-licensed technology.
An amateur collector donates fossils, leading to the discovery of a new ancient sea turtle species.
Researchers will look at the effectiveness and accuracy of using virtual training as a way to help parents in rural areas install child restraint systems properly.
The Smart Bracelet, designed by UAB researchers, automatically detects signs of physical assault and alerts emergency personnel of the user’s location.
Without the transcription factor Sp7, two specialized types of cells that create dentin and enamel fail to mature.
Students from underrepresented groups and from schools with limited research opportunities get stipends and do hands-on research in high-risk, high-reward projects.
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