Date: Wed 1/13/2016

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Location: The Edge of Chaos Atrium
Lister Hill Library, 4th floor
1700 University Boulevard Birmingham AL 35294-0013

Agenda Download Agenda (PDF)

9:00 AM David Allison Welcome, Introduction, Overview
9:10 AM TaShauna Goldsby Select 5 papers from the literature on obesity or energetics from the last 5 years that you judge to be at the pinnacle of importance, impact, or beautiful creativity and make a brief presentation about them offering views on why the papers chosen made the list and general principles extracted about what makes papers important, impactful, beautiful, or creative.
9:25 AM Marissa Gowey Facilitate discussion of prior presentations by all participants.
9:40 AM Mary Neslund Latimer, Adele Fowler Choose at least 5 funded NSF obesity or energetics-oriented grants that you judge to be especially cool and creative and extract some principles as to what made them so cool.
9:50 AM Cynthia Kroeger Choose at least 5 funded grants from NIH RePorter that use meta-research, mathematical, statistical, engineering, or computational approaches in areas related to obesity, nutrition, energetics, or physical activity and present on identified themes and ideas.
10:00 AM Camille Schneider Facilitate discussion by all participants of the prior presentation.
10:15 AM Tran Huynh, Kathryn Kaiser Choose at least 5 funded Transformative R01 grants and at least 5 funded NIH Pioneer Awards from NIH RePorter (call these grants Group A). Choose 10 ordinary funded R01s with an ‘A1’ designation from NIH RePorter (call these grants Group B). Compare Group A to Group B and try to extract some principles about what makes them different.
10:30 AM Matthew Cole Ainsworth Facilitate discussion by all participants of prior presentation
10:45 AM Amber Kinsey Choose 5 F31 or F32 grants funded by NIH (from NIH RePorter) that are related to obesity or energetics and which you think are especially interesting and describe what makes them so interesting.
10:55 AM Jennifer Davis Facilitate discussion of the prior presentations by all participants.
11:05 AM Amy Goss, Sara Lappan, Nicole Riddle The MacArthur Fellows Program celebrates and inspires the creative potential of individuals through no-strings-attached fellowships.” Please pick one person who does obesity/energetics research at UAB (they could be mentorees, faculty, or staff but may not include you, your mentor(s), or the NORC director) and imagine that you have been asked to nominate that person for the MacArthur fellowship. For the nominee write and then read aloud a nomination explaining why the nominee’s obesity/energetics research or ideas merits a MacArthur fellowship.
11:15 AM Greg Pavela, Andrew Brown Please pick 2 people you may or may not know who do or have done (they can be living or deceased, current or historical) obesity/energetics research that you think is especially creative or impactful and who are NOT at UAB. Imagine that you have been asked to introduce the three as they are being announced as either this year’s Lasker Award winner (one), Ted Prize winner (another), or Shaw Prize winner (the third) for their obesity/energetics research. Read each of the three introductions out loud, emphasizing what made/makes their research so creative, cool, important, or beautiful.
11:25 AM   Break
11:35 AM David Allison Ideas Challenge Part 1 – Each participant will be asked to write a title and abstract for a grant proposal addressing a particular question or challenge. No advance preparation needed – Bring a laptop.
12:05 PM   Get Lunch
12:15 PM Julie Locher Ideas Challenge Part 2 – Each participant will be given 1 minute to present to the group their idea. Awards will be given for the best proposals in selected categories.
1:15 PM David Allison, Julie Locher Awards – Details will follow.
  1. Claudiu Lungu
  2. Laura Quillian Rogers
  3. Jennifer S. Pollock
  4. Bob Kesterson
1:30 PM Adjourn  

Awards for Faculty and Awards for Trainees (each):

  1. Most Creative
    Faculty recipient:  Brandon George Ph.D., Statistician II Office of Energetics
    Post-doctoral Fellows recipient:  Katie Gibbs Ph.D., NORC Postdoctoral Fellow
    Pre-doctoral Fellows recipient: Elizabeth Ma, NORC Graduate Student Trainee
  2. Most Impactful
    Faculty recipient:  Daniel Smith Ph.D., Asst Prof, Nutrition Sciences
    Post-doctoral Fellows recipient:  Marissa Gowey Ph.D., NORC Postdoctoral Fellow
    Pre-doctoral Fellows recipient: Camille Schneider, NORC Graduate Student Trainee
  3. Best Presentation
    Faculty recipient:  Andrew Brown Ph.D., Scientist Office of Energetics
    Post-doctoral Fellows recipient: Amy Goss Ph.D. & TaShauna Goldsby Ph.D., NORC Postdoctoral Fellows
    Pre-doctoral Fellows recipient: Sarah Kat Sweatt, NORC Graduate Student Trainee