"Sue Feldman, Ph.D., and Kristi Menear, Ph.D."

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Kristi Menear, Ph.D., and Sue Feldman, Ph.D., recently completed the Higher Education Resource Services program, a leadership development and research organization dedicated to women in higher education.

The program was held at the 2019 HERS Institute at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

Recent research has concluded that women hold less than 40 percent of tenured positions, only 36 percent of full professorships and only 30 percent of president roles at the nation’s colleges and universities. To combat this undeniable gender gap, the HERS Institute, a leadership development program, was created to proactively fill the higher-education leadership pipelines across the United States with dynamic women. It aims to provide participants with the opportunity to develop their individual leadership strengths and boldly lead change on their campuses and in their roles. It also seeks to expand their knowledge of the national higher-education landscape and become even stronger assets to their institutions.

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