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To celebrate his 10-year wedding anniversary, David Sears, a weekend radio host on Birmingham’s Jox 94.5 and assistant program director of Talk 99.5, planned a special vacation back to Disney World, where he and his wife had honeymooned. The trip started off well until Sears started noticing a rash on his leg. After a few days, the rash intensified and became so painful that he had to seek immediate medical attention.

Diagnosed as cellulitis, the rash was on track to becoming flesh-eating bacteria, a side effect caused by Sears’ obesity. Although aware that he was overweight, Sears was stunned that something preventable was causing such a burden.

“I felt angry that my own weight was not only impacting my health, but costing us an amazing experience. We had looked forward to this trip for months, but because I was so overweight and out of shape, it impacted our lives,” Sears said.

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