UAB screening for two web-based healthy lifestyle trials

The University of Alabama at Birmingham  is now recruiting cancer survivors in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee for two new, web-based healthy lifestyle trials.

The AiM Plan and act on LIFestYles, or AMPLIFY, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, aims to test the impact of diet and exercise interventions on change in health behaviors, physical performance, body weight, muscle mass, overall health and quality of life.

The Daughters, dUdes, mothErs and others Together, or DUET, research clinical trial is funded by the American Institute of Cancer Research and is similar to the AMPLIFY clinical research trial. The primary difference between the two is that the DUET research clinical trial will intervene upon the lifestyle behaviors of cancer survivors and their chosen partners. Fifty-six cancer survivors will enroll in this six-month diet and exercise weight-management program with a partner of their choosing, for example, a friend, neighbor, spouse or other relative.

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