Project History:

  • Gartner Card Access Management Assessment Findings
    • UAB has a large and complex environment with multiple facility access needs. There are approximately 40,000 employees and students. Over 94,000 cards are estimated to have been distributed with the majority of these being actively used.
    • At least seven card systems are implemented throughout the campus and the medical center, which pose security, operational, and management risks. For example, UAB is unable to easily monitor card access systems that are not integrated with the University’s current network communications infrastructure.
    • The various card systems implemented also impact UAB’s operational maintenance and support costs as some card systems have limited number of users. The growth rate of card readers is estimated at approximately 18% per year, thereby further impacting support costs.
    • The University’s estimated annual cost to maintain and support the current card systems is approximately $2,100,000. This includes staff, hardware, software, vendor support services, and physical cards.