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"I did this for me."

— Christy Ledbetter, '22


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With UAB’s superior reputation compared to other universities, I had no reservations about exploring their online offerings. The experience with the online format has been superlative. The professors and instructors provide the same level of support and quality of enlightenment as if I were on campus.

Christopher Allen Perry

BS in Health Care Management

Traditional education programs really emphasize 'what' teachers do while the IDD program sought to explore and understand 'how' and 'why teachers do what they do. The program has completely altered how I approach teaching and instruction and my perspective on education.

Markell Payne

MS in Instructional Design and Development

Because I am already a full-time UAB employee, I needed a program that was fully online to accommodate my work schedule. This program is wonderful. The classes are tough but manageable, and the education I have received is excellent and perfectly suited to how I intend to use it.

Aleisha Dorning

MAEd in Community Health

I am a hands-on person and I enjoy the social interaction with students and instructors to better understand the material. My biggest concern about learning online was that this type of interaction would not be present. This has not at all been the case. Our group discussions, guest lectures, and live classes have been very beneficial to my learning experience.

Kaitlyn Mashburn

MEng with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management

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