Course Delivery

There are four main delivery types for UAB courses and programs that are online:

  • Online: Programs that deliver most or all of the content online with the potential of few on-campus meetings. 
  • 100% Online: Programs that do not require any on-campus meetings 
  • Distance Accessible: These programs combine the use of online technology with required periodic on-campus intensives.
  • Blended: These programs deliver at least half of their content online with the remaining content delivered via on-campus meetings.

Collat School of Business Degree Course Delivery

Over 95% of Collat School of Business courses are offered both in the classroom and online, so students can choose which method fits their needs best when registering. Students also have the option of pursuing their degree through a 100% online program (see degree programs below) that provide a guaranteed path of progression with a tuition premium.