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Online courses are part of the UAB Class Schedule Listing, the comprehensive directory of all courses that the university offers. Click the button below to search for online, distance accessible, and blended programs. From the search screen, you will be able to search for all online courses offered at UAB by term or online courses for a specific department or subject.

Please Note: Please read the course descriptions for more information about whether a course is offered 100% online or if it requires on-campus activities. Some courses may also require acceptance into a program or other permission from the department/school. Please check with your advisor for more information about the courses you are interested in.

Requirements to Register for Online Courses

If you are a current UAB student, or have been admitted to UAB, please visit BlazerNET to register for courses.

If you are not yet a UAB student, you will need to apply for admission before you can register for courses.


About Online Courses

Online courses at UAB are offered as part of the university's online degree programs, as well as traditional or on-campus degrees. For on-campus students, online courses can help them meet degree requirements when on-campus courses are not available or provide needed flexibility in their schedules. For more information about the available online degree programs at UAB, visit the online degree and certificate programs page of this site.

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