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  • Community Eye Care

    Clinical faculty and optometry students provide vision screenings and comprehensive eye care to various groups of all ages across the Birmingham metro area and throughout the state. Care is provided five days a week inside the Jefferson County Department of Health’s Western Health Center in Midfield, Alabama. Hours vary. Contact UAB Community Eye Care at Western Health Center to make an

  • mTBI and Sports-Related Concussion Clinic

    Faculty in the UAB Eye Care Pediatric Optometry Service provide exams to assess vision in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and sports-related concussion. Those diagnosed with mTBI and concussions are examined to assess eye teaming and tracking skills, focusing strength and accuracy and objective measures of neuro-ocular integrity, including state-of-the-art pupillometry and optical

  • Myopia Control Clinic

    All children are at risk for developing myopia (nearsightedness); however, if one or both parents of the child has nearsightedness, the child will have a higher risk of developing nearsightedness.

  • Natalie West, OD

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    Assistant Professor

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    HPB 525

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  • Pediatric Neuro-Optometry Clinic

    UAB Eye Care's is pleased to offer one-of-a-kind neuro-optometric care within its Pediatric Optometry Service. Faculty within the clinic help distinguish optic nerve drusen from papilledema, collaborate with pediatric geneticists to rule out optic glioma and other visual sequale of neurofibromatosis, determine risk to a child with glaucoma suspicion, distinguish a morning glory disk from

  • Pediatric Optometry Service

    Comprehensive eye and vision exams are provided for infants and children through age 17, in addition to specialized care, myopia control, vision therapy, pediatric neuro-optometry and mTBI and sports-related concussion.

  • University Optometric Group

    The University Optometric Group (UOG) is the faculty practice of UAB Eye Care. 

  • Vision Therapy Clinic

    The Vision Therapy Clinic provides treatment for children and adults with eye teaming, focusing and tracking disorders. These visual conditions include but are not limited to convergence insufficiency, accommodative insufficiency, strabismus, amblyopia and saccadic eye movement (or ocular motor) dysfunction.