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Students talking at a table with laptops. As a scientist with a wide array of skills, experiences, and interests there are many career directions for you to choose. You may focus on a career in academia, industry, education, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, or a multitude of other areas. While much of your focus has been on training related to scientific research, you also have gained skills in many other other areas that make you a compelling candidate. The question is—what do YOU want to do?

It is important that you thoroughly investigate your career options. Gather as much information about career fields, the market, and individual employers as possible. You can learn a lot from reading blogs and articles online, conducting informational interviews, participating in internships and job simulations, and engaging in self-assessments to identify your personal career goals. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to target your job search and end up in a position where you feel successful and fulfilled.

We encourage you to explore the tools and resources presented here to help you gain the knowledge, training, and skills to find your ideal job.

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