As UAB moves forward with implementation of an RCM-based budget model, three new, permanent committees have been established. The members of the Executive Budget Committee and the permanent members of the Budget Advisory Committee and Budget Allocation Committee serve by virtue of their position at UAB. Other committee members serve rotating two- or three-year terms.


Executive Budget Committee

President (Dr. Ray L. Watts)

Provost (Dr. Pam Benoit)

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (Dr. Brian Burnett)


Budget Advisory Committee

This committee will consider short- and long-term budget planning and funding priorities, provide effective communication to their constituents whom they represent as part of their charge, and conduct regular reviews of the university budget model.

Permanent Members

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (Dr. Brian Burnett) – Co-chair

Provost (Dr. Pam Benoit) – Co-chair

Vice President for Research (Dr. Chris Brown)


Termed Members

Dr. Andrew Butler, Dean, School of Health Professions

Dr. Paul Erwin, Dean, School of Public Health

Andy Hollis, Assistant Vice President, Budget Administration & Reporting (ex officio)

Dr. Jeffrey Holmes, Dean, School of Engineering

Dr. John Jones III, Vice President, Student Affairs

LaKisha Mack, Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Finance, Heersink School of Medicine

Stephanie Mullins, UAB Chief Financial Officer

Rosie O'Beirne, Chief Digital Strategy and Marketing Officer

Dr. Jamey Worrell, Faculty Representative


Budget Allocation Committee

This committee is primarily responsible for assuring that support centers provide value to the university community; for aligning service activities with the institution’s vision and mission; and for promoting administrative efficiencies that lead to appropriate resource allocations.

Permanent Member

Assistant Vice President, Budget Administration & Reporting (Andy Hollis) – Co-chair (non-voting)


Termed Members

LaShell Cameron, Executive Director for Administration and Finance, Office of the Provost (non-voting)

Kamilah Frison, Director of Administration and Fiscal Affairs, Office of Research (non-voting)

Kim Hazelwood, Executive Director for Business Operations, College of Arts and Sciences – Co-chair

Craig Anderson, Executive Director of Administrative Operations, School of Nursing

Alex Boles, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, Heersink School of Medicine

Laquita Graham, Director of Fiscal Affairs, Information Technology

Tina Horton, Director of Fiscal Affairs and Administration, UAB Police

Dr. Tapan Mehta, Faculty Representative

Tina Phillips, Director of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs, School of Education

David Wilson, Executive Director of Administration, School of Dentistry