What is a grand challenge?

A grand challenge is an ambitious but achievable goal that harnesses science, technology, policy and innovation to solve an important local, state, national or global problem, and that has the potential to capture the public’s imagination. It is a problem that is large, complex, and multi-faceted. Solving this problem requires a combination of technologies, treatments, approaches and/or policies. It can involve scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, city and state officials, foundations, outreach organizations and others. The solution will positively impact a great number of people.

What will the UAB Grand Challenge Program do?

It will unite university activities (teaching, research, scholarship, commercialization, patient care, and service) along with the capabilities of partnering organizations to solve large-scale problems affecting Alabama.

The UAB Grand Challenge Team

Christopher S. Brown, PhD

Vice President for Research

Lee Moradi,

UAB Grand Challenge Project Manager

Jamie B. Seitz,

Executive Assistant