IRB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided here organized by general topic.  Click on a Topic at right to view the FAQs in that category.  To view the Answer portion of the FAQ, simply click on the question, and the answer will slide into view. 
  • About the IRB
    • About the IRB: How often does the IRB meet?

    • Do I need IRB approval to interview people or observe their behavior?

    • How do I determine which review process is right for a project?

    • How will the IRB review my research?

    • What is the "Common Rule?"

    • What is the IRB?

    • What kinds of studies are common at UAB?

    • Who makes up the IRB?

    • Who will review my research?

    • Why does the title of my protocol have to match the title of the funding application?

    • Why is my research subject to review by the IRB?

    • Will I be paid to participate?