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Investigators submit all applications for initial review to the OIRB. Depending upon the type of sponsor and type of review, the OIRB may coordinate review by one of the other IRBs that UAB is authorized to use (a commercial IRB such as WIRB, or Advarra).

Industry-sponsored protocols are typically reviewed by a commercial unless the protocol:

  • Is eligible for NHSR, Exempt, or Expedited review
  • Is sponsor-investigator (i.e., investigator-initiated) research or
  • Involves gene transfer or other types of novel, high-risk research.

Note: Investigators whose protocols are sent to a commercial will have conflict of interest review by both the UAB CIRB and the commercial IRB.


The WIRB fee schedule should be treated as confidential. It is available from the UAB single IRB Liaison, Ms. Vanessa Champigny, by calling the OIRB at (205) 934-3789.

UAB Study Management Fees

Industry-funded clinical trials are subject to the UAB study management fees. Investigators should inform potential sponsors of this fee during contract negotiations.

Please refer to the following web address for additional information: https://www.uab.edu/research/home/osp-industry-projects/clinical-trials/fees.

Please direct questions about WIRB review and industry sponsors to the UAB single IRB Liaison: Ms. Vanessa Champigny (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 205-934-3789).