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Note: All IRAP help sessions are now conducted via Zoom.

The Office of Research Technology and Communications offers weekly Help Sessions to assist you in the use and understanding of the systems available to you (e.g., IRAP) to assist in your research. These sessions are virtual, are typically small groups and will assist with specific technical issues you may experience, train in overall use of the system or provide a high level overview of the system and how it integrates with campus as well as the administrative units.

To register, go to https://www.uab.edu/campuslms/ and log in with your Blazer ID and Password. Search for IRAP and register for the session that best suits your availability. Note: Depending on the nature of the help you require, we may ask that you complete the IRAP Basics training course prior to registering for a Help Session. For more in depth guidance, please visit our dedicated IRAP Training resources.