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The UAB Research Technology and Communications (RTC) office maintains an extensive library of e-reports that return data from UAB's electronic Research Administration (eRA) system (i.e., IRAP provided by InfoEd Global). These reports return a variety of data surrounding extramurally funded grants and contracts, human subjects/lab animals approvals, conflict of interest, and more.

Office of Research E-Reports are available to the UAB research community. Report access is permission based. Please utilize the integrated Search functionality to locate reports. You may also choose to save one or more reports to your Favorites by clicking the heart icon on a given report.

Office of Research E-Reports Library

Modify Existing / Create New E-Report

If you searched the Office of Research E-reports library and did not find an existing e-report to satisfy your reporting need, then you may request to have a new e-report created. In addition, you may request to have an existing e-report modified. For example, there may be an existing report that satisfies your reporting need, but it lacks one or more columns that you need. In this example, you might request to have these columns added to the existing report.

For both scenarios, RTC asks that you create a Requested Item (RITM) ticket through the UAB IT Service Now portal by using our form linked below.

Request to Modify / Create E-Report

Bugs, Errors, Other Issues

If you are experiencing trouble or having difficulty running an e-report, please create an Incident (INC) ticket through the UAB IT Service Now portal by using our form linked below. This may include report timeouts, error messages, or (rarely) incorrect data output. RTC will investigate the details of the reported incident and attempt to replicate the issue. Please note that RTC may require additional follow-up information from the user reporting an incident during the investigation. Once replicated, RTC will work with UAB IT to find and deploy a resolution.

NOTE: If you are running reports at the quarters of an hour and receive an error, please try again. The reporting database is refreshed every 15 minutes which may cause a disruption in pulling back the data. If you have questions, please contact the RTC office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Report Bugs, Errors, Issues