Genetic Counseling Student Bio's
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Class of 2018 pictureGenetic Counseling Students Class of 2018

GC Class of 2017Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2017

GC Class of 2016Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2016

Group3Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2015

Class of 2014-2Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2014

Class_of_2013Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2013

GC_1stYearStudents3Genetic Counseling Students Class of 2012


The UAB Genetic Counseling Program welcomes students from around the country and international students.  The maps highlight the diverse geographic background of our current and past students.

student nation map

What makes Genetic Counseling students unique?
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“UAB Genetic Counseling students work hard in the classroom and the clinic, but they also find time to have some fun! Whether it’s competing in intramural sports, attending art classes, or enjoying one of Birmingham’s many award winning restaurants, the genetic counseling students are able to spend their free time in a city with so much to offer. Birmingham proudly hosts film and music festivals, concerts, farmer’s markets, craft breweries, shopping malls and parks in the city center. For those wanting a weekend getaway, you can get to the beach or the mountains in about 4 hours! Birmingham is a “big-little” city. Big in a sense that there is always something to do, but small enough to navigate and feel like home!”

 Volunteering at the Children’s Tumor Foundation Neurofibromatosis Walk in BirminghamVolunteering at the Children’s Tumor Foundation Neurofibromatosis Walk in Birmingham

Working on play-doh cardiac anatomy projectsWorking on play-doh cardiac anatomy projects

Finding their favorite spot in the Genome Cache Scavenger HuntFinding their favorite spot in the Genome Cache Scavenger Hunt

Supporting UAB AthleticsSupporting UAB Athletics

GC Student Work

At the UAB Genetic Counseling training program, students complete a Plan II graduate project.  This is completed during our two year master degree program.  As you can see, our students work in a variety of areas and contribute to the knowledge base of our field in many ways. These titles and abstracts are updated annually.


* Selected for presentation at UAB Graduate Research Day
§ Awarded prize at UAB Graduate Research Day
† Selected for presentation at National Conference
# Resulted in a publication
Ω Awarded other campus competition or research award

Class of 2012 student projects

Class of 2013 student projects

Class of 2014 student projects

Class of 2015 student projects

Class of 2016 student projects

Class of 2017 student projects

Class of 2018 student projects

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