SAM 940 NormanBolus HalieStephenson ShannonPettway    High-Tech hide-and-seek being played in UAB NMT classroom

Norman Bolus with his 1989 UAB ID  Norman Bolus Celebrates 25 years at UAB

2017    2016
NMT Class of 2017    NMT Class of 2016
From left: La’Quita Clayton, John Wairimu, Chanel Palmore and Matthew Ward

This group is the first to graduate from our new Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology program. Click here to read their full story. We were the first NMT program in the United States to rise to a Master's entry-level status. We are also the only Nuclear Medicine Technology program in the state of Alabama.
   Back L-R. Kiet Nguyen, Kyle Thompson, Shalin Waterford, Brandon Cohill;
2nd from Back L-R. Ammar Sharif, Hong Lin, Matthew Sweeney, Pamela Stevens, Brittany Kirkland
3rd from Back L-R. Brianna Boatwright, Doricas Kerr, Dominique King, Tanya Liveoak
Front L-R. Elizabeth Kritzberger, Kelly Archer, Nicky Haddox, Whitney Walker
2015                         2014
NMT Class of 2015   NMT Class of 2014
Back L-R. V Whited, K Aamodt, K Mann, H Lawson, A Majors, A Jones, A Lawton. Front L-R. T Yu, S Pettway, H Martin, K Gilchrist, H Stephenson, A Muthana.   Back L-R. B Thurman, T May, M Sharp, S Tew, B Vaughn. Middle L-R. J Barnes, E Crisp, J Church, M Pugh, J Madden, A Patterson, A Zuaiter, B Gamble, H Wyckoff, S Doran, M Tran. Front L-R. R Sexton, R Watkins.
2013   2012
NMT Class of 2013   NMT Class of 2012
Back L-R. J Crayton, N Munkachy, M Owens, J Royster. Middle L-R. J Hartline, P Benefield, A Sherrod, A Peterson, L Cooper, J Whitaker, R Campbell, K Harrison. Front L-R. A Sisk, M Van Dyke, K Mayes, I Shaw, A Baughman, L Abdoli, C Underwood.  

Back L-R. A Smith, K McClure, D Milton, B McKinnis, D Screws, B Moffatt, L Gore, S Perero, T Allen. Middle L-R. C Datton, M Webb, C Trapp, S Mayo, J Walton, H El-Kahlout. Front L-R. M Taylor, C Thach, S Holley, E Mosquera.

2011   2010
NMT Class of 2011   NMT Class of 2010
Back L-R. P Hatcher, K Weatherly, C Sweatman, E Cheng, C Thrasher, T Burks, N Nichols, A Weeks. Middle L-R. R Owen, J Allen, J Brothers, B McGee, W Falkner, A Shafer. Front L-R. J Sharpe, U Iwuabe, W Reynolds, E Freeman.   BackL to R.  Y Flaherty, A Adkinson, B Orr, A Fino, K Worthington, R Cox, A Lindars. Middle L to R. J Roberson, J Lunday, J Wright. Front L to R.M Mitchell, R Grimm, A Rogers, P Spivy, N Haynes.
2008   2005
NMT Class of 2008   NMT Class of 2005
Back L to R. R Doswell, V Goodwin, J Harville, C Weaver, B Donald, T Agee, C Self, M Minton, J Daniel, G Hiett. Front L to R. L Keeton, E Cowings, L Schneirla.   Back L to R: John Randolph, Randall Kemp, Desiree Fox, Crissi Bond, Clint Levinson. Front L to R: Tejas Parekh, Clifton Pearson, Tamisha Collins, Miriam Hayes, Kelee Richardson, Justin Patterson, Krisztina Milam, Nicholas Hatfield.
2004   2003
NMT Class of 2004   NMT Class of 2003
Back Row L to R: Leslie Clark, Kirwan Price. Middle Row L to R: Amanda Simmons, Zelde Mukotekwa, Jonathan Dotson, Matthew Lowlavar. Front Row L to R: Aleshka Kerley, Huey Nguyen, Ashley Leeth, Tiffany Townes, Dana Downey.   Back Row L to R: Forrest Simpson, Brian Berlin, Samuel Ogunsola, Craig Tabor, Shawn Roberts. Front Row L to R: Metha James, Jennifer Brown, Leigh Ann Burns, Sarah Gales-Boykin, Daphne Lett, Andrea Varner, Amanda Day.
NMT Students2002   2001
NMT Class of 2002   NMT Class of 2001
Back L to R: Carolyn Hand, Wesley Jones. Middle L to R: Carey Goodwin, Amy Byrd, Antonina Callins, D'Wana Yancey, Megan McKinney, Derrick Patterson. Front L to R: Noriko Hasegawa, Julia Goodson   Back L to R: Stacy Hingle, Elizabeth Abrams, Beth Baker, Kristi Lawson, Keith Woods. Front  L to R: Natarsha Abraham, Kendal Cowan, Gina Alexander, Leigh Carden