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There are two pathways for new DRC membership. First, a UAB faculty member on their own accord could petition the Director for membership. Second, the faculty member could be asked by the Director if he/she is interested in membership and be asked to join. With respect to the latter pathway, Dr. Garvey and the program manager will monitor UAB recruitment efforts and a website database maintained by the Office of Sponsored Programs to identify new research awards in diabetes. If it appears that these investigators could benefit from DRC membership, they will be asked to apply. In any event, the faculty member will submit their CV and a letter of intent that will describe their research interests in diabetes, collaborations, and potential core utilization. The DRC Leadership Committee will then discuss the candidate and vote on membership and will determine the most appropriate membership category.  If you are interested in Membership, please Contact Us and fill in the necessary information.  An email will be sent to the DRC Program Manager.

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