HQS landing page2The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Quality and Safety is an online, four course program designed to extend your knowledge and skills in the areas of quality improvement and patient safety. The Graduate Certificate is developed for those healthcare leaders that want to move their organizations forward in this value driven healthcare system by spearheading quality and patient safety improvement initiatives. Our Graduate Certificate is for you the working professional seeking to broaden or expertise in the health quality and patient safety field.


The Graduate Certificate curriculum offers you the opportunity to develop a foundation in the latest quality improvement and patient safety empirical evidence and best organizational practice. The certificate prepares you to be able to implement quality- and safety-based initiatives in your organization utilizing the concepts of high reliability leadership, data system design, process management, and hazard analysis.

GCHQS Curriculum Plan

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate and wish to pursue their Masters’ may apply and if accepted into the Masters’ of Science in Healthcare Quality and Safety can apply their Graduate Certificate course credits to the Master’s program if they choose to pursue further graduate education in healthcare quality and safety.