The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management (HCM) was established at UAB in 1982. The degree offers a pathway into entry and mid‐level management careers for some and serves as a foundation for success in graduate‐level academic or professional degree programs for others.

Students in the Learning Resource Library.Mission

Developing leaders to shape tomorrow’s health care.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management Program focuses on the development of capable, innovative, and ethical leaders to serve in entry and mid‐level management positions in a diversity of health system and health-related organizations. These leaders will shape the future of health care.

Values and Vision

Our shared vision is that we will be recognized as the global leader in providing exceptional, comprehensive, and market‐relevant baccalaureate education in health services administration and research.

We value, embrace, and expect from our stakeholders a commitment to:

  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Why Major in Health Care Management?

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management (HCM) program is designed for aspiring leaders and committed professionals who are interested in careers working to improve our healthcare system in hospitals; managed care organizations; medical group practices; ambulatory, long‐term care, insurance and pharmaceutical companies; consulting firms; government agencies; and other for‐profit and nonprofit health care organizations. The major will be challenging and rewarding. We recognize that health care management is the crossroads of two important bodies of knowledge – health care and management – and believe your education should reflect this notable distinction.

Several tracks are available to students based on the student’s previous academic work, current professional status, personal interests, and future goals.

General Manager

The General Manager track prepares students for leadership positions managing health operations, developing a vision and strategies for growth, and to ensure patients receive high quality and efficient care.

Clinical Manager

The Clinical Manager track is designed for graduates of certificate and/or associate degree programs who are credentialed or licensed in a health professions discipline.


The Pre‐professional track is designed for students whose academic goal is a graduate or professional degree program such as health administration, health informatics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, biotechnology, surgical physician assistant, medical school, dental school or other graduate level health professions programs.

Long Term Care Administration

The Long Term Care Administration track is designed for individuals intending to pursue a career in long‐term care; including those who will manage resident care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and nursing home facilities ‐ prepares students to test for licensure as a long term care administrator.