UAB’s Executive Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA) program is designed to prepare students for senior management positions throughout the health field. Students in the program gain new expertise and a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of health care organizations, with particular emphasis on important health care management areas such as leadership, marketing, economics, operations management, epidemiology, quality improvement and strategic management, to name a few.

What makes the program appealing to so many professionals is its structure, which enables students to gain all this new expertise without giving up their job or lifestyle. The program was created to meet the needs of busy professionals and requires students to visit the UAB campus for only seven days three times each year to complete the degree in two years. Between the intensive campus sessions, students continue courses through online distance learning. Applicants for the Executive MSHA Program must have at least five years of health care experience. Please contact the program if you have questions regarding this experiential requirement.