disease preventionThe MS in Nutrition Sciences, Clinical Track/Dietetic Internship prepares entry-level dietitian nutritionists for a variety of careers in health care, wellness, and food service management. The program aims to improve awareness and understanding among health professionals and the public of the vital role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease and in health promotion. On completing the program, graduates will earn a Master of Science degree and will be eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitian Nutritionists offered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

Curriculum Requirements

Fall Semester

  • NTR 589: Internship Practicum (10 credit hours)
  • NTR 604: Principles and Practice of Nutrition Support (3 credit hours)*
  • NTR 621: Applied Statistics to Nutrition Sciences I (3 credit hours)*
  • NTR 690: Seminar (2 credit hours)*

Spring Semester

  • NTR 501: RDN Certification Review (0 credit hours)**
  • NTR 589: Internship Practicum (10 credit hours)
  • NTR 601: Advanced Medical Nutrition (3 credit hours)*
  • NTR 637: Applied Research in Nutrition Sciences (3 credit hours)*

Summer Semester

  • NTR 500: Communication in Nutrition (1 credit hour)*
  • NTR 589: Internship Practicum (4 credit hours)
  • NTR 611: Advanced Food System and Resource Management (3 credit hours)*
  • NTR 618: Nutritional Biochemistry (6 credit hours)*

A thesis option is available with additional semesters.

The program does not grant credit for prior supervised practice or graduate learning. Students enrolled in the MS in Nutrition Sciences, Clinical Track/Dietetic Internship are required to successfully complete all courses in the program to receive a verification statement.

*Denotes online course

**NTR 501 is a non-credit hour review course for the RDN credentialing exam and includes a one-year subscription to eatrightPREP. Students will pay a non-refundable fee of $550.

For a list of course descriptions, visit the UAB Graduate Catalog.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of the program includes a 3.0 GPA (A= 4.0) for the required graduate course work, which includes the completion of a non-thesis MS degree and successful completion of 1,200 hours of supervised practicum experience (grade of PASS for 24 total credit hours of clinical practicum).

For more information on becoming an RDN, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.