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The MS in Nutrition Sciences, Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention (LMDP) track is taught completely online to allow flexibility and convenience for students who work full time, reside out of state, or simply want the convenience of online courses. This is a non-thesis Master of Science program comprising 36 credit hours of study. A full-time student will complete this program in 4–6 semesters, depending on the term of enrollment (fall is recommended), though part-time enrollment is allowed. Below are the required courses for degree completion.

  • Fall (Year 1)
    • GC 545: Genetics and Genomics Applications in Healthcare (2 credit hours)
    • NTR 621: Applied Statistics to Nutrition Sciences I (3 credit hours)*
    • NTR 632: Nutrition Counseling & Education (4 credit hours)
    • NTR 690: Seminar (2 credit hours)
  • Spring (Year 1)
    • PA 550: Intro to Medical History Taking & Physical Exam (3 credit hours)
    • NTR 521: Nutrition Assessment and the Nutrition Care Process (3 credit hours)**
    • NTR 631: Community Interventions for Healthy Lifestyles (3 credit hours)
    • NTR 637: Applied Research in Nutrition Sciences (3 credit hours)*
  • Summer (Year 1)
    • NTR 618: Nutritional Biochemistry (6 credit hours)
  • Fall (Year 2)
    • CDS 605: Survival Spanish for Health Professionals (1 credit hour)
    • NTR 609: Applied Nutrition for Physical Activity & Disease Prevention (3 credit hours)
    • KIN 644: Application of Exercise Physiology to Fitness and Performance (3 credit hours)

    *NTR 621 is the required prerequisite for NTR 637. These courses must be taken in sequence.

    **All students are required to take one 3–credit hour elective course. NTR 521 Nutrition Assessment and the Nutrition Care Process is the recommended elective. For students applying to the Dietitian Education Graduate Certificate Program, NTR 521 is a requirement.

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