What Is Osteoporosis (YouTube)
When you've been diagnosed - you have many questions. What does this mean for you? What are the symptoms? And most importantly - how do you stay healthy and safe?

Why Do I Have Osteoporosis? Risk Factors You Can't Control (YouTube, Apr 25, 2020)
When our patients are diagnosed with osteoporosis, they sometimes ask us "Why do I have this disease"? But there are many risk factors for osteoporosis that are out of your control.

Why Do I Have Osteoporosis? The Risk Factors You Can Control (YouTube, May 20, 2020)
Osteoporosis patient educator Beth Kitchin PhD, RDN, discusses the risk factors for osteoporosis that you can control.

UAB Tone Your Bones: How Much Calcium Do I Need? (YouTube, Mar 31, 2020)
Getting enough calcium is important for your bones. UAB's Osteoporosis Clinic Educator Dr. Beth Kitchin helps you figure out how much calcium you need and if you're getting enough from your foods!

Which Calcium Supplement Should I Take? (YouTube, Jul 3, 2020)
UAB Osteoporosis Clinic Educator Beth Kitchin PhD RDN helps you choose the best calcium supplement for you.

How Do I Read a Calcium Supplement Label? (YouTube, Jul 3, 2020)
UAB Osteoporosis Clinic Patient Educator Beth Kitchin PhD RDN tells you about the most important things to look at on a calcium supplement label!

When Should I Take My Calcium Supplement?: (YouTube, Jul 5, 2020)
Timing is important when it comes to getting your calcium from foods and supplements. Here's what you need to know.

Darker Days Mean Less D
Darker days may be bad for your health. Less sun means less vitamin D production. Our major source of vitamin D is from the sun reacting with our skin, so dark days mean less vitamin D.

How to eat to stay bone strong all year long
(Podcast at the National Osteoporosis Foundation, November 25, 2019)

Lactose Intolerance May Not Be As Common As We Thought
New research shows that only 12% of all Americans and 19.5% of African Americans may be lactose intolerant.