Can Eating More Fruit Help Control Type 2 Diabetes? UAB Researchers Are Finding Out! (YouTube, Aug 3, 2021)
Can eating a lot of fruit help lower your blood sugar and control diabetes? That’s a question UAB nutrition researchers want to know and they need your help to find out.

Cinnamon and Diabetes: Mixed Evidence
Headlines may have you believing that cinnamon is a sure-fire way to lower blood sugar and stave off or even treat diabetes. But what is the evidence?

Cooking Oil Confusion
Which oil should I cook with for better heart health?

Diabolical Diabetes
Knowing your risk factors for type II diabetes can help you start the changes now that can keep healthy for years to come.

Do You Have Diabetes in Alabama? (YouTube, Aug 12, 2020)
If you have type 2 diabetes and would like to lose weight, you may qualify for a UAB weight loss study! You'll get info on your health, a weight loss program, and a monetary stipend. Find out from UAB's Dr. Beth Kitchin if you're right for the study and how you can sign up! Call 205.873.8241.

Early Eating and Light Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes: The UAB CLOCKS Study (YouTube, Jul 2, 2021)
If you have type 2 diabetes, could the timing of your meals and how much light you get help you improve your blood sugar and your health? That’s exactly what some UAB researchers are trying to figure out.

Five High Fat Foods You Should Not Refuse
All fats are not created equal.

Potassium Power
Eating foods high in potassium can help lower your blood pressure - and your risk of heart disease and stroke. But you need a lot of potassium. The recommended daily amount is 4,700 mg! Here's how to get it!

The TRUTH About Coconut Oil's Effect on Your Health (YouTube, Aug 13, 2020)
This video was created by Team 3 UAB Dietetic Interns. The resources used are cited below: Coconut Oil. (2020, July 14). Retrieved August 10, 2020, from http...

Trans Fat Redux
Here's a re-cap of what trans-fats are and why they're bad for our health.

UAB Diabetes Study: Could Meal Time and Light Exposure Improve Your Blood Sugar Control? (YouTube, Jan 12, 2021)
If you have type 2 diabetes you might qualify for the CLOCKS Study!