Diabolical Diabetes
Knowing your risk factors for type II diabetes can help you start the changes now that can keep healthy for years to come.

Cinnamon and Diabetes: Mixed Evidence

Headlines may have you believing that cinnamon is a sure-fire way to lower blood sugar and stave off or even treat diabetes. But what is the evidence?

Cooking Oil Confusion
Which oil should I cook with for better heart health?

Fish Facts

Five High Fat Foods You Should Not Refuse

All fats are not created equal.

Heart Health Updates (17 May 2010)

Potassium Power

The recommended level of potassium right now is 3500 mg a day. But some experts recommend as much as 4500 mg a day. Why so much?

Trans Fat Redux

Here's a re-cap of what trans-fats are and why they're bad for our health.