June 2020


How to Eat More Potassium-Packed Foods

You probably need more potassium. Eating foods high in this powerful mineral can help lower your blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke. But it’s not an easy mineral to get enough of. That’s because we need a lot of potassium - the daily recommendation is 4,700 mg a day! It’s also not a mineral that’s high in the typical American diet. So, how can you get enough?

Let’s take a look at some of the foods that are highest in potassium. Here are some of the best sources:  


mg Potassium

% Daily Value

1 Medium Baked Potato with Skin

850 mg


½ Cup Dried Apricot Halves

750 mg


1 Medium Baked Sweet Potato with Skin

540 mg


1 Cup Orange Juice

500 mg


½ Cup Lima Beans

500 mg


½ Cup Black Beans

480 mg


1 Medium Banana

422 mg


½ Cup Tomato Sauce

400 mg


½ Cup Cooked Spinach

400 mg


3 Ounces of Salmon, Chicken Breast, or Beef

330 mg


You can see the key to getting more potassium is eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, and starchy beans and peas. The food label makes it easy to find packaged foods that are high in potassium. The labels show the milligrams of potassium per serving. They also show you the % of the daily value in each serving. Since the daily value is the amount the average adult needs, once you get to 100%, you’ve gotten what you need. But remember, many of the foods that are high in potassium – like fresh fruits and vegetables – don’t have labels

Beth Kitchin PhD RD
Assistant Professor
UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences

Source: National Institutes of Health; https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Potassium-HealthProfessional/