Artificial Sweeteners
Paradise or poison? Opinions about artificial sweeteners tend to sway between these two extremes.

Bust the Gut!
Here are some tips for controlling tummy fat.

Calories Count
The big debate over what kind of diet is best may have been a big waste of time. Calories may be all that really matters.

Is the Flexitarian Diet For You? (TouTube, Feb 4, 2021)
The Flexitarian Diet is just what it sounds like: vegetarian but flexible. The rules of the diet are meant to be broken and no food group is off limits. It scores high in many of the U.S. News & World Report's categories for best diet. Find out here if it's right for you!

Mood Food?
Australian researchers showed that the type ofweight loss diet you choose might affect your mood.

Sleep to Lose More Fat
New research shows that a good night's sleep may help you lose more fat.

Stop the Quarantine 15
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's lives. For some people, it means more snacking, comfort foods, and less activity - all leading to what some have called "The Quarantine 15". So our weight control expert, Dr. Holly Wyatt, developed a series of tips to help you control your weight during the pandemic.

The Four Habits of Longtime Weight Losers (YouTube, Apr 13, 2021)
Losing weight is hard but keeping it off may be even harder. But some people are successful at keeping the weight they've lost gone for good. How do they do it? The National Weight Control Registry may have some answers.

There's A New FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug! Is It Right For You? (YouTube, Jun 22, 2021)
There’s a new kid on the weight-loss medicine block. The FDA approved “Wegovy” earlier this month for long term weight loss. Wegovy is a weekly injection (subcutaneous – just under the skin) you give yourself. It is similar to the diabetes drug “Ozempic” but at a higher dose. Is it right for you?

Want to Lose Weight? Start Writing!
Find out how writing down what you eat can help you lose weight. Print your own food record too!

What's Your Waist to Hip Ratio?
Get your tape measure and calculator. A new study shows that, at least for older people, "waist to hip ratio" is more important than how much you weigh.